ITDev is a provider of software and electronic engineering design services, addressing many markets from broadcast and telecoms to aerospace and oil and gas.

ITDev is a design services provider whose work touches the lives of millions of people every day. Whether it is through our contributions to the Android operating system, or our work on broadcast equipment that delivers television content throughout the world, you have probably experienced the results of some of our projects already.
Formed in 2000, our work has ranged from independent development of complete systems through to close collaboration with customers on specialist aspects of their projects. Engagements have ranged from a day’s consultancy for an SME through to multi-year rolling projects with multi-national corporations.
We have a specialist brand, Imicast, dedicated to the broadcast and Pro-AV markets, whilst also addressing diverse markets such as aerospace through medical and telecommunications to oil and gas.
A multi-disciplinary team we can provide experience in embedded software, electronics and system design. Our clients benefit from a personal relationship whilst having access to a pool of multi-disciplinary resources. Our business culture is key to our daily operation, underpinned by our values which drive our decision making, the way we work and our relationships with our clients, suppliers and peers.


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