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Catering packages

Will your meeting be intense enough to require sustenance? Would your event benefit from the lure of coffee and cakes?

We deliver anywhere on the Science Park; whether the destination is a booked meeting room or your company’s office space. Delivery to Science Park meeting rooms is free. Delivery to a tenant’s demise or anywhere outside of a Science Park meeting room is £10.00 per delivery.


Served between 8.30am - 10.30am

  • Pastries, Tea & Coffee - £3.05 per person
  • Bacon Baps, Tea & Coffee - £4.99 per person
  • Big Breakfast  (Bacon Baps, Pastries, Tea, Coffee & Fruit Juice) - £7.65 per person

Enquire now     or call Lattes directly on 02380 76 3712

Morning & afternoon refreshments

Served between 8.00am - 17.30am

  • Tea & Coffee - £1.55 per person
  • Tea, Coffee & Biscuits - £2.05 per person
  • Tea, Coffee & Cakes - £3.40 per person
  • Bottled Water 500ml (Still/Sparkling) - £1.05 each

Enquire now     or call Lattes directly on 02380 76 3712

Buffet lunches

Classic - £4.80 per person

  •  Classic Sandwiches
  • Crisps
  •  Tea & Coffee    
  • Fruit Juice

Premium - £7.45 per person

  • Premium Sandwiches
  • Premium Wraps
  • Cakes
  • Crisps
  • Tea & Coffee
  • Fruit Juice

Enquire now     or call Lattes directly on 02380 76 3712

Platters & add-ons

  • Basic Fruit Bowl (Whole pieces of Fruit x5) - £3.25
  • Crudities Platter with Houmous - £11.99
  • Fruit Platter (Prepared & sliced) - £13.99
  • Fish & Vegetable Sushi Platters (50 Pieces, one platter of each) - £35.00

We can do special orders too!  Come and chat to us about what you need and we'll let you know a price.

Enquire now     or call Lattes directly on 02380 76 3712

Ordering Information

Please be aware that while we can usually cater for dietary requirements the replacement item may not be an exact match for the item it is replacing.

Our prices are based on a meeting for a minimum of 4 people. We can cater for smaller groups but will add a fee of £1.00 per person to the prices.

Please be aware that we will have to charge you for cancelations that give us less than 3 working days' notice due to ordering of special items!

Meeting spaces

Book a meeting space

We have 11 meeting rooms all of which can be configured in a number of different ways to cater for your meeting or event. Please use the two links below to book a meeting room either as a tenant or a visitor to the University of Southampton Science Park

By booking through MIDAS you accept our Terms & conditions which can be viewed here.