Feel it's time to celebrate some success? So do we.

We've all been working extremely hard over the last couple of years, much of the time under somewhat strange circumstances.

So, here at Science Park Central, we decided it was high time that we all took time out to reward our efforts, applaud our colleagues and generally give ourselves a resounding pat on the back.

We warmly encourage you to join in THE 2022 GAMECHANGERS!

No black ties to stifle in, lengthy speeches to prepare (or endure) or nervous dinners to sit through. Instead, an enjoyable gathering of our Science Park community, standing ovations a-plenty and, hopefully, some well-timed whooping at our informal festive prize giving on Thursday 8th December 2022. What a lovely way to end the year!

BUT FIRST, we need your nominations…

To get your hands on a Gamechanger Gong, all you need to do is nominate yourselves, your colleagues, or your businesses in one or more of our six categories.

An esteemed judging panel will then pore over the entries to award one winner and one highly commended in each.


It doesn't matter if you're a new business that's just started trading or you're already a global success story: it's the quality, not the scale, of your contributions over the last 2 years that count.

Anyone can nominate anyone in any category so jump in and have some fun! Nominate yourselves, why don't you?

Entry is free and online but do get your nominations in before the 21st October deadline.

Which individual or business on the Science Park has taken huge strides towards personal or business growth and is showing considerable promise for the future?

Tell us:

Which individual or business on the Science Park always looks up from their screen to consider the impact of their actions on others around the business or wider community?

Tell us:

Which individual on the Science Park is an extraordinary executive, for whom effective leadership and business success is seemingly a breeze?

Tell us:

Which business on the Science Park is blazing a supersonic creative trail, leading from the front on an undeterred mission to make the world a better place?

Tell us:

Which business on the Science Park has created a workplace that is a pleasure to be a part of, a home from home?

Tell us:

Which individual or business on the Science Park always looks out of the window and considers the environmental impact of their actions, working to prioritise planet along with profit?

Tell us: