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Forensic Genomics Innovation Hub

The Forensic Genomics Innovation Hub focuses on using next generation sequencing technology.

The Forensic Genomics Innovation Hub aims to transform the use of DNA in forensic science with the provision of next generation sequencing technology, already well respected in the clinical genetics, to researchers, academia and the criminal justice system. A “proof of concept / centre of excellence” facility where projects and mutually beneficial partnerships produce foundational research that will lead to innovations and deployable solutions in the future. Being innovative, the Forensic Genomics Innovation Hub is both creative and adaptable, with a willingness to develop new ideas and provide both winning solutions and positive outcomes. No longer will DNA be an adjunct to crime-fighting but a proactive intelligence tool.

Book a meeting space

We have 11 meeting rooms all of which can be configured in a number of different ways to cater for your meeting or event. Please use the two links below to book a meeting room either as a tenant or a visitor to the University of Southampton Science Park

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