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The all in one digital signage software platform that delivers engagement through dynamic content.

TrouDigital's cloud-based platform allows users to remotely control an unlimited number of screens from one central dashboard. Liberate your screens and empower audiences through relevant content that inspires, educates, and captures attention.

As digital signage technology advances, so does TrouDigital’s software solution. Beyond simply displaying dynamic content on a digital screen, industry developments have seen the deployment of an array of new technologies in TrouDigital’s solution, such as video walls, interactive voice integration, and touch screen directories alongside wayfinding kiosks. One of these advancements in digital signage technology can be viewed here at Southampton Science Park. TrouDigital has installed its software on five digital wayfinding kiosks, integrating the location of businesses alongside meeting room availability, local bus timetables, and nearby food and drink establishments.

As we enter into the future and more businesses venture online, we recognise that our digital signage solution needs to remain at the forefront of our industry. In an effort to ensure that we are the preferred digital signage solution on the market, TrouDigital will continue to develop its software to meet any changes in the requirements of companies looking for a cloud-based solution.


The amount of electricity used in one year by one of TrouDigital's digital signage players


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We have 11 meeting rooms all of which can be configured in a number of different ways to cater for your meeting or event. Please use the two links below to book a meeting room either as a tenant or a visitor to the University of Southampton Science Park

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