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Business success stories

Pioneering technologies created here shape societies everywhere. Right around the globe and into space, the impacts of the innovative work conducted by our community of game changers continue to outpace those of companies located elsewhere.

That’s because, here at Southampton Science Park, we know that our impacts affect yours. Start-up or multinational, our role is to support businesses at all stages of development and help them grow in line with their vision, ambition and potential.

There are many amazing success stories emanating from Southampton Science Park. We’ve selected just a few to demonstrate that, no matter what stage you’re at or where your technology is bound for, we understand what it takes to put you on the map.


Talented people working at Southampton Science Park.


Companies based at the Southampton Science Park.


Economic impact made by businesses at the Southampton Science Park per annum.

Impact stories


Catalyst Success


Spin-out to global leader

Fresh Relevance

Incubation to investment


17thC to 21stC leadership


Catalyst to contracts

Quantum Solutions

Catalyst Success

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