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nquiringminds Ltd

nquiringminds is an expert in artificial intelligence powered data analytics, secure data sharing and cyber resilient Internet of Things, working in Smart Cities, Industry 4.0, defence and health/social care.

nquiringminds are experts in AI powered data analytics, Secure Data Sharing and  Cyber Resilient Internet of Things. Our technology helps our customers deliver AI driven digital transformation.

We have two core products:
• TDX (Trusted Data Exchange)- a cloud based, state-of-the-art data sharing and AI powered data analytics platform, built from the ground up for security and scale .
• InterliNQ - developed for small IOT devices, supports real IOT security from hardware through to a PKI certificate-based application layer. Based on a peer to peer cryptographic model, it also includes autonomous AI for intelligent distributed (edge) data processing.

nquiringminds has grown organically and owns all the core intellectual property. We have real world customers in sectors as diverse as Smart Cities, Industry 4.0, Defence, Agriculture, Telecoms and Health and Social Care. Our award winning software has been endorsed by the UK Cabinet Office, UK Prime Minster, NHS, Ministry of Defence, Indian Government, Cisco and UK Cities. We were awarded Cyber Savvy Business of the Year 2016 and have been featured for our data sharing work with Belfast in the HM Government's 2017 Industrial Strategy ‘Building a Britain Fit for the Future’.


Based on Southampton Science Park since

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