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Audioscenic: New Dimensions in Sound

Audioscenic, a spin-out from the University of Southampton, is poised to redefine how we perceive and interact with audio in various domains.
Its latest innovation, the Razer Leviathan V2 Pro gaming soundbar, sent shockwaves across the most influential tech event in the world, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, this year. 

Developed in collaboration with Razer and THX, the Leviathan V2 Pro is a milestone achievement in spatial audio and gaming as it is capable of delivering full binaural audio without traditional speakers. It’s no wonder the product reveal caught the attention of industry experts and enthusiasts at CES23, leading to an impressive 12 show awards and ultimately being named ‘the world's first beamforming soundbar with AI headtracking’.

What’s next for Southampton’s pioneers of sound? 

Audioscenic is developing its technology to bring its groundbreaking spatial audio experience to consumers in a wide range of environments. The first of these will be a foray into the laptop and teleconferencing space, with an aim to become the global leader in PC and laptop spatial audio by 2025, followed by launches in the automotive and home cinema systems sectors. 

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