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Utonomy: Catalyst to contracts

Utonomy’s technology automatically optimises pressure across gas distribution networks, keeping it as low as possible while maintaining statutory minimums and reducing leakage.

The company’s Active Grid Management embraces Internet of Things methodology and pioneering, intelligent electro-mechanical actuators to reduce network leakage. Rarely publicised, methane leakage has a major environmental impact on global warming: 84 times greater than the impact of CO2. Utonomy estimates that 300 billion megawatt hours of gas is lost globally through leakage each year; that’s equivalent to £16bn vanishing into thin air. 1.7 billion tonnes of methane are released as a result, the equivalent of four times the UK’s total CO2 emissions.

“Catalyst propelled my business forward in a way I couldn’t have previously anticipated. I came into Catalyst with an idea that was just a few months old; I now have a solid value proposition, a great team and funding to push it to the next level. I’d encourage anyone thinking of taking the leap into entrepreneurship to apply to the Catalyst programme today.”
Utonomy CEO, Adam Kingdon

“Business support is a key part of our offering. Utonomy’s potential was fast spotted by the Science Park’s Catalyst selection panel and it’s been extremely pleasing to see this echoed by investors; this will almost certainly fast-track the adoption of Utonomy’s technology and its growth into a world-leading company. We are immensely proud of our role in bringing this concept to market.”
 Southampton Science Park CEO, Peter Birkett

I’d encourage anyone thinking of taking the leap into entrepreneurship to apply to the Catalyst programme today.

Adam Kingdon, Utonomy CEO

Billion megawatt hours of gas is lost globally through leakage each year.


Less leakage with Utonomy’s network pressure management technology.


The impact of methane on global warming is 84 times greater than CO2.

Utonomy in the community

Utonomy came to Southampton Science Park in 2015, having successfully applied for our Catalyst business incubation programme. The Catalyst coaching team worked with them to develop a business model, support team-building and raise funds.

Since its Catalyst tenancy, the company has grown quickly, progressing through to SETsquared incubation and securing its first contract of over £500,000 from a blue chip organisation. Subsequently, it secured £500,000 investment from the Foresight Williams Technology Enterprise Investment Scheme to further accelerate product design and development. The Science Park has accordingly supported Utonomy’s expansion to a larger office to facilitate its future growth.

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