81G Blue

81G Blue helps clients to reduce costs and gain efficiencies by managing their IT infrastructure with its world class support and service programs.

81G Blue prides itself on providing high level IT support and services tailored to individual businesses and all packaged with our first-class customer service. We strive to build strong partnerships with all our clients and in doing so create a great platform for delivering our services as a  seamless addition to your business models and structure.

81G Blue’s Fully Managed IT Support Package is ideal for businesses wanting to place all IT functions in a safe pair of hands; from managing day-to-day user issues right through to working with executive teams to determine IT strategies for their business.

We know that IT is often a non-core activity, but we also know it’s critical that it just works. We make IT work, and we make IT able to do more. We achieve this by taking entire responsibility for your IT and providing you with a single point of contact through which to resolve all your IT issues. 81G Blue’s fully managed service model is tailored to each client’s requirements, we pride ourselves in the partnerships we have formed in order for our clients to receive maximum benefits from our service through a service bespoke to them.

What you can expect from an 81G Blue Fully Managed Service:

NO HIDDEN COSTS - our fully managed service model has no hidden extra costs leaving you to budget with confidence.
STRONG PARTNERSHIP - 81G Blue make it a priority to work alongside your business to ensure expectations are excelled.
DEDICATED TO SERVICES - We will help you create and deliver to your businesses IT strategy objectives.
24/7 MONITORING - We have invested heavily in our systems management platform, allowing us to monitor your systems 24/7/365.
DEFINED SERVICE LEVELS - 81G Blue will work with you to define service levels that are crucial to you and your business.
DEDICATED SERVICE DESK - Our Service Desk Team is at the core of our business and delivers exceptional service across infrastructure estates and to users at all times.
ASSET MANAGEMENT - All your assets are connected to our management to enable accurate asset management.
SOFTWARE MANAGEMENT - We ensure that all software agreements are managed and that licenses are in place, renewed, and monitored at all times.
PREVENTION BEATS CURE - Our service is proactive in every sense so we are always one step ahead ensuring your IT outages are kept to an absolute minimum.
SINGLE SUPPLIER - We give you one point of contact for anything and everything IT-related. We will manage all your 3rd party relationships too.
COMPLETE CONTROL - 81G Blue has your business's IT function under control, allowing you to focus on your core business.
CYBER SECURITY STANDARD - We make it our priority to ensure that your business is educated and protected against any cyber threats.
EFFICIENCIES IN SERVICE - By applying policies, process and transformation through constant communication we assist users to be far more productive.


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