Marine South East Ltd

Marine South East is involved in a wide range of activities to support the strategic growth of the marine sector through consultancy projects, collaborations, European partnerships and strategic projects.

Marine South East has been trading since 2005 as a not-for-profit marine sector organisation interacting with more than 2000 businesses across the marine and maritime sectors. In the past Marine South East has been particularly focused on the South East of England but it is now working actively with other strong UK maritime regions as well as in Europe and further afield.

Marine South East consists of a small team that aims to: increase productivity through innovation; increase market share through supply chain analysis; increase market share through promotion of business support services, clusters, networking and joint ventures; develop cross sectoral collaborations to improve innovation, research and development; help raise the profile of the marine industry both regionally, nationally and internationally; and to develop workforce development, skills, training and apprentice initiatives.


Based on Southampton Science Park since


Businesses and support organisations can be engaged and consulted through communication infrastructure developed by MSE

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