ZyGEM delivers cost-effective, time-saving solutions to DNA markets in the forensic, life sciences and agricultural markets.

ZyGEM products unleash the power of DNA to solve critical health and safety issues, providing accurate and expedient DNA extraction solutions for forensic, agricultural and biotech applications. Our DNA products are based on a portfolio of novel enzymes derived from extremophile microorganisms. Combined with our expertise in automated microfluidic instrumentation, ZyGEM delivers process simplicity, unique chemistries and hands-free DNA extraction. Using the ZyGEM PDQeX system, workflow is automated, achieving human profile-ready DNA in under twenty minutes.

Human identification and crime scene analysis, disease detection in plants and crops, and clinical research are a few examples of pressing issues being addressed by ZyGEM technologies. ZyGEM is based in the United Kingdom with diversified operations in New Zealand, the United States and China.


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