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Businesses on the park

Find out about all of the game changing businesses based at the  Southampton Science Park, below.


C2Visions provides a cloud-based computer vision system which employs a number of cutting-edge technologies.


Dynamon is a university spinout company which recommends tailored fuel saving methods for the transportation industry.


Filament is a boutique consulting services firm specialising in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Forty1 Design and Engineering Ltd / Forty1 Kitesurfing

Forty1 Kitesurfing is developing a low profile hydrofoil, called the Hydrofin

Made and Worn

Made and Worn is knitting made better. Its app enables knitters to create custom, easy to follow patterns that fit first time.

Nub Ltd

Nub is an exciting and forward thinking software company working with a cutting edge technology stack.

Optomel Ltd

Optomel is a photonics company, commercialising products and devices enabled by self-organised materials.


Renovos is capitalising on the decades of world-class orthopaedic research from the University of Southampton.


Signly delivers smart sign language content to mobile devices

Tonic Analytics

Tonic Analytics is a technology company with a deep understanding of industry and business.


Digital Signage is a method of communicating rich digital media on a screen to your target audience. Digital Signage software enables you to deliver this media content over the internet directly to screens to help increase sales, brand recognition and communication to staff and customers.

Utonomy Ltd

Utonomy is developing innovative technology to automatically monitor and control gas distribution networks to make them more efficient and sustainable.

Wilderness Now

Outdoor Activity Marketplace


xim is a digital health innovator and creator of Lifelight - digital camera-based artificial intelligence, non-contact 4-vital signs monitoring.


YouSeq design and manufacture easy to use kits and tools for Next Generation Sequencing.

Why Southampton Science Park?

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