Spheres of influence

Innovation can’t happen behind closed doors. It happens when like-minded people come together to share their breakthroughs and their frustrations. It happens informally and formally. It happens at Southampton Science Park.

We take every opportunity to help our business community build new and deeper relationships with important stakeholders. We do this because we know that, to really make a difference to society, we must nurture not just the idea, but the investment influencers, the early adopters, the market at large – and all the staff behind the scenes that make things happen.

Through informal social and networking events, and formally through planned strategic approaches, we help everyone based here build their spheres of influence.


Game changers based on the park and making a difference within the science and technology industry every day.


P/a combined economic output from 100 businesses and rising.


Networking events every quarter arranged to bring together like-minded businesses and their leaders.


Southampton Science Park recognises it has a pivotal role to play in helping to forge links across the UK’s innovation ecosystem to help ensure that British science and technology has a presence on the world stage. We understand the importance of a joined-up approach to commercialising research, connecting businesses with mentors, advisors and investors and to sharing best practice with our peers.

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