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Self Care in Lockdown

‘Business as normal’ it may not be, but here at Southampton Science Park, we continue to work hard to support our business community. This is why we are running a series of interactive online sessions with experts in various fields.

Practical, highly informative and engaging, these sessions are designed to ensure that our community of businesses doesn’t just survive but thrive, bouncing back from these challenging times stronger and fitter than ever.

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18th, 20th and 22nd May 2020: Self-Care in Lockdown

This three-part webinar series will focus on wellbeing. Whether working remotely at home, or socially distanced at the office or lab, the mental wellbeing of employees is being tested. But it isn’t just mental health that need concern us: our immune systems are equally critical.

Kicking off our webinar series, Ian Traynar, osteopath and healthcare consultant, will run a series of three short practical sessions addressing how to support the body’s immune system at this time.

The key factors addressed:

  • Keeping our immune system in optimal condition
  • Exploring why this is so important as the first line of defence against any viral disease process
  • Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • Strategies for managing stress levels
  • Staying resilient under pressure

Robin Chave, CEO of Southampton Science Park, said: “With so many competing priorities, it’s sometimes possible to forget (especially when people are working remotely) that employees are the lifeblood of your organisation and that their health and happiness are critical success factors in realising growth ambitions.

We encourage everyone, at all operational levels, to join us for what promises to be a series of hugely valuable sessions with Ian Traynar. My hope is that it will go some way towards helping to minimise downtime and unleash the possibilities arising from having a happy, healthy and valued workforce.

Ian Traynar is Founder of Breakthrough Consulting and has recently launched a podcast called Body Matters.

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