Inspirational location

Location. Location. Location. As individuals we take great care in finding the perfect property. But when it comes to business, time, money and uncertain futures can lead to hasty and costly decisions.

Here at Southampton Science Park we aim to de-risk this very important business issue by giving companies firm footholds on which to grow and prosper, and working with them throughout their journey. With high quality commercial premises from 200 sq ft to 16,000 sq ft and opportunities for custom development, there really are no boundaries to success.

Offices, laboratories and meeting facilities? Tick. Leases that flex with business needs? Tick. Accessible yet inspirational location? Tick. Vibrant entrepreneurial community? Tick. Access to a world class graduate talent pool? Tick. A prestigious address that speaks volumes around the world? Tick.


Buildings on site including state of the art research labs, flexible offices, and breakout spaces


Laboratories catering for science and technology businesses with global footprints


Hour to Europe if flying from our nearest International airport, Southampton

Why Southampton Science Park?