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Motivating your team when you're not together

‘Business as normal’ it may not be, but here at Southampton Science Park, we continue to work hard to support our business community. We’re delighted to continue our series of interactive online sessions with experts across the commercial spectrum.

Short but highly informative, practical and immediately usable, these sessions are designed to ensure that south coast businesses don’t just survive but thrive, bouncing back from challenging times stronger and fitter than ever.

THURSDAY 10TH DECEMBER 2020 – 11.30-12.30


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The office Christmas party traditionally offers a great opportunity to celebrate the successes of the year and to shrug off any frustrations. Harnessing the season’s sense of optimism, it’s a good time of year to engage, motivate and bond teams together, ready to ring in a fresh, productive start in January.  

2020, as we all know, is likely to be very different. In the absence of seasonal celebrations at work, how do you continue to motivate your team?

Steve Jones - business coach, public speaker, author, consultant and co-chair of the Government’s Engagement Task Force - has the answers. By the end of his virtual 45-minute workshop on Thursday 10th December, you will be able to describe, measure, monitor and maximise motivation in a dynamic and positive way.

Attendees will learn about:

  • The four types of people that sit in business and how to identify them.
  • The nine reasons people get out of bed to go to work (it’s not just money!)
  • The key reward strategies that support these motivations.
  • Three areas that business and individuals need to focus on for success.
  • An appraisal tool that aligns personal motivation with business motivation.
  • A method to engage teams and staff on a continuous and ongoing basis.
  • The coaching methodologies and tools to support this ongoing change.

Having worked with the likes of Capita, Siemens, HSBC, Cisco to name but a few, Steve is passionate about pushing companies to become the best in their trade. He says: “Motivation is a word often used but seldom understood. It remains to this day one of the biggest challenges, both personally and professionally, for many but in these difficult times it’s important to remain highly motivated yourself and to understand the motivations of your colleagues so you can support one another.”

Register now to kick-start 2021 on a high-performance footing.

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