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Driving road safety

Southampton Science Park company Tonic Analytics has been chosen to deliver Project Galileo, a major multi-stakeholder project aiming to bring about greater safety and security on UK roads. Planned outcomes are to reduce the number of people killed and seriously injured on the road, and to deny criminals use of the road. To help achieve sustainable improvement, these will be underpinned by work on behavioural change and procedural justice.

Tonic Analytics is providing a multi-disciplined project team with a combination of domain experience, innovation and technology. It will bring to the project experience from the aerospace industry, where the company is already deeply engaged in delivering collaborative safety and operations improvement programmes. These programmes are underpinned by technology-enabled collaborative stakeholder working, including data sharing protocols and shared benefit models. Through this approach, new levels of intelligence are being derived for the industry though operational insights and decision support.

Project Galileo is aiming high, with the team’s shared mission statement being: “To help create the safest and most efficient road network that will ever exist through closer collaboration with our partners and the use of intelligent data. By combining the power of our people with the latest technology, we will be relentless in our determination to drive harm and disruption off our roads, wherever it exists.”

Detective Chief Superintendent Paul Keasey Head of the National Roads Policing Intelligence Forum, sponsor of the project, said “We are excited by this new innovative collaboration with Tonic Analytics, who we believe will significantly assist National Roads Policing and our partners to meet current and future capability and demand led challenges. A key component to their work will be providing a digitally enabled outcome-based framework for Roads Policing, central to which will be the ability to perform ‘Big Data’ analysis across multiple complex data sets for the benefit of a wide spectrum of public and private stakeholders.”

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