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Optimising gas supplies

Utonomy has begun live trials of its innovative gas network optimisation technology with SGN which distributes gas to nearly 6 million households in the UK.

Utonomy‘s technologies help gas network operators achieve their decarbonisation, digitalisation and decentralisation goals quickly and with minimum disruption because its intelligent sensors and cloud-based monitoring systems are easily retrofit-able to existing network infrastructure.   The benefits of real-time pressure management and grid monitoring across the gas distribution networks are significant in terms of reducing environmental impacts, lowering operating costs and increasing efficiency.

SGN’s Innovation Project Manager Mark Skerritt commented: “We are delighted to announce our collaboration with Utonomy on this exciting project. The aim is to provide the UK gas network with a new and unique pressure control and management system that is not only more efficient than existing systems but also enables network operators to confidently exercise ‘real time’ control over their governor assets.”

The news followed an announcement that Utonomy, a Southampton Science Park Catalyst programme graduate, had won a prestigious Southampton Business Award 2019.


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