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Fighting the virus with chatbots

Filament AI has launched Coronabot to help companies automate key business processes as quickly as possible to free-up much-needed resources and enabling them to provide important services to those who need it most.

Called ‘Iris’, the Coronavirus helper bot was built in a matter of days using Filament AI’s chatbot platform, Enterprise Bot Manager (EBM). It is designed to help keep the ‘worried well’ out of the hospitals and clinics and reserve capability for those in dire need. The system is helping to buffer the increase in customer enquiries, the reduced staff numbers and keep everyone more informed about the pandemic.

Pete Kemp at Filament said: “For the first version, we developed the critical conversational flows and infrastructure using Dialogflow for natural language processing and our platform, Enterprise Bot Manager (EBM) to manage everything else. We’re continually updating Iris to reflect current evidence, guidance and increasing its capacity to handle more complex enquiries.”

As a result, Filament has been helping to build and deploy chatbots and other automated systems to assist those in need. These range from building a simple customer service FAQ bot to help ease the strain on phone lines to enabling customers to query live APIs for their orders.

Filament is a boutique consulting services firm specialising in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Thanks in part to the Catalyst business accelerator programme at Southampton Science Park, Filament learned about building software as a service (SaaS) products. Three years on, Filament released EBM, securing clients such as HSBC.

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