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Accelerating Emission Management

Dynamon is a big data analytics company, specialising in developing analytics to increase the efficiency of transportation to reduce costs and fuel consumption across the globe.

With the introduction of its new ZERO software – a development that client Sainsbury's regards as ‘a unique tool with capability that will be game changing for the industry’, Dynamon is stirring up the transportation industry.

ZERO enables transport and logistics operations to identify and optimise Zero Emission Vehicles and charging infrastructure, and also predict electricity demand from electric vehicle depot charging. It satisfies an increasing demand, borne out of the gradual transition to electric vehicles and the challenges that fleet operators are facing in meeting efficiency targets due to electricity demands, charging infrastructure and even vehicle types.

Whilst maintaining and strengthening relationships with clients such as Bridgestone, Continental, Wincanton and Sainsbury’s, Dynamon has been successful in securing additional prestigious contracts and growing its market share. This includes a contract with Innovate UK SBRI Phase 2 and Innovate UK SBRI Magtec.

Dynamon Founder and CEO, Dr Angus Webb, participated in the Catalyst business accelerator programme in 2015 and based the business at Southampton Science Park since, making full use of the Science Park’s flexible accommodation and leases to facilitate its growth. The company has grown organically from one to eight full time staff.

Dr Webb said: “These are incredibly exciting times for Dynamon. Our solutions have never been more timely, as the commercial operations search for innovative, practical, easy to deploy and cost-efficient ways to reduce emissions to sustainable levels. We have welcomed several new members and look forward to solving this challenge and accelerating the pace of change for many businesses, locally and internationally.”

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