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Scaling Patient Monitoring

Xim Lifelight and Danish organisation Open Telehealth have announced a partnership which sees Lifelight’s vital signs monitoring embedded into OTH.io to create a comprehensive and robust Remote Patient Monitoring platform which will help care for thousands of patients around the world.

With Covid-19 forcing the medical industry to look for smarter solutions to eliminate or restrict physical interactions for healthcare services, remote patient monitoring has become the ‘new normal’ way of managing healthcare. The integration of xim’s ground-breaking Lifelight technology into OTH.io captures patients’ vital signs remotely and safely and creates a much more holistic view of the patient’s physiological data, critical for assessing health and determining accurate clinical decisions to drive improved patient outcomes.

The OTH.io platform, like Lifelight built to ISO13485 medical grade standards, integrates with existing IT infrastructures and offers open interfaces, enabling configurations that meet both patients’ and professionals’ needs. It also works with other industry sectors. For example, systems integrators can take advantage of the thresholding engine to scale-up their own solutions to meet the needs of larger populations, quickly and cost effectively.

Laurence Pearce, CEO and Founder of Lifelight, commented: “We’re delighted to be working with OTH.io which is conquering the challenges of scaling up remote patient monitoring, connecting home users to their clinician via its easy-to-use telehealth platform. Lifelight embedded into the OTH.io platform means many face-to-face appointments can be reduced and, in some cases, replaced by more regular remote monitoring, providing improved levels of patient care.”

Henrik L. Ibsen, OTH.io’s CEO, adds: “Lifelight is a revolution in medical care, supporting the shifting paradigm in telehealth and demand for remote patient monitoring. Embedded into our platform, it allows much higher numbers of the population to be monitored at much lower costs. A key differentiator is that Lifelight takes a very, very serious approach to medical data and accuracy and therefore will only deliver robust solutions to market. With Lifelight we get the data in an unintrusive way from the user, lowering the barriers of what it takes to obtain it, which is obviously hugely important for remote monitoring, research and the overall health of global populations. This has resulted in us having access to a volume of data which has never been seen before. Integration is simple, taking just days, leaving us to ensure the data in our platform is then actionable.”


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