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Lifelight Adopted by myGP

Lifelight, a pioneering vital signs technology, has been integrated into the myGP app, empowering 3 million app users to obtain indicative estimates of their blood pressure via their smartphones. The move aligns with the NHS’s long term focus on preventive care, digital transformation, and reducing health inequalities. 

Lifelight allows a smartphone or tablet to measure a person’s blood pressure, pulse and breathing rate simply by them looking into their device’s camera for 40 seconds. 

It is completely contactless with no additional hardware needed, yet this fast, simple process could save many lives. 

Hypertension is the primary cause of cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death globally. In the UK it affects 12 million people, with as many as 5 million adults potentially living with undiagnosed hypertension. According to GOV.UK, the cost to the NHS of high blood pressure is over £2 billion every year. 

Laurence Pearce, Lifelight Founder and CEO said, “High blood pressure is preventable, and for those with high blood pressure a reduction of just 10mmHg can significantly reduce their risk of a heart attack or stroke. This means identifying, diagnosing and managing hypertension is more vital than ever, which Lifelight supports. We’re driven by the success and acceptance of myGP users, allowing us to scale Lifelight and we look forward to reaching more people to effectively manage their blood pressure.”

The company has been based at Southampton Science Park since joining its Catalyst business accelerator programme.

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