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Superfast support

Fast, secure and resilient, Southampton Science Park’s state-of-the-art Open-Access ICT network facilitates global connectivity 24/7. The lifeblood of all businesses, 4km of single mode optical fibre provides connectivity to every building with complete integrity of supply via a standby diesel generator and 24 hour engineering support.

We offer our business community a choice of suppliers to enable you to tailor your broadband and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) requirements to your specific needs. Remotely controlled switches enable connectivity to be established from any individual office to any one of the Science Park’s suppliers.

Download and upload speeds of up to 10Gbps can be provided to companies that require such high specification data connections. At the other end of the spectrum, a 10 Mbps services is available at competitive rates for smaller businesses whose online interaction is limited to normal internet usage and e-mail access.


Of super-fast fibre network.


Connection rate in every building on the park.


Resilience across the network.

Locate your business to the park

Book a meeting space

We have 11 meeting rooms all of which can be configured in a number of different ways to cater for your meeting or event. Please use the two links below to book a meeting room either as a tenant or a visitor to the University of Southampton Science Park

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