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Catalyst is a unique opportunity for today’s entrepreneurial spirits with early stage science and technology businesses to get the support they need to propel them towards becoming tomorrow’s trailblazers. 

Catalyst is designed to help fast-track innovation-led businesses in the Solent region. It is fully funded for successful applicants and, unlike similar schemes, no stake is taken by any party involved in this programme, so  entrepreneurs retain all equity in their businesses. 

It is an intensive programme which runs over six months, requiring weekly attendance. On completion, you will have benefited from a programme of mentoring and workshop learning with world-class business mentors. You’ll be equipped with the tools and connections you need to drive your business forward. You’ll also enjoy a prestigious business home at Southampton Science Park with opportunities to network with its innovation community for the duration of the programme.

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How it works

The Catalyst programme is run annually commencing in September. It is based at Southampton Science Park.  

Catalyst requires enthusiastic participation in weekly peer group workshops and one-to-one mentoring sessions, so participants need to commit a minimum of two days each week to fully benefit from this entrepreneurial, community-led programme. As with most things, the more you put into it, the more you will get out.  

You can apply for Catalyst at any time using our online application form, applications close on 15th July. These applications are judged by our business mentors and those that have put forward the strongest business case will be asked to attend a selection pitch day on 3rd August. From here, up to ten businesses will be allocated a place to commence the Catalyst programme in September.  


Accelerated progress for 65 companies.


Secured over £25m early-stage funding for participant companies.


Helped create 130 new jobs for our region.

The mentors

On the panel of the Catalyst programme you will find an expert team with a wide range of commercial expertise and experience. Many have established successful technology businesses themselves and coach from personal entrepreneurial experience.

The coaching team is led by four early-stage business specialists:

An extended community of workshop leaders support this core team on the Catalyst programme each year, offering expert guidance on a wide range of specialities including regulation, finance, intellectual property and human resources.

How to apply

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