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Optimising fleet aerodynamics

Southampton Science Park Catalyst programme graduate Dynamon is to partner with industry leaders on a government-backed research project designed to identify the optimum aerodynamic configuration of vehicles, and ultimately, minimise fuel cost and emissions.

Dynamon will work alongside Wincanton plc, Truswell Haulage, Don-Bur Bodies and Trailers, Hatcher Components and TotalSim (an aerodynamics and computational fluid dynamics consultancy) for the initiative, which is part-funded by the Government’s Office for Low Emission Vehicles’ Innovate UK fund. Transport Minister John Hayes calls it “another important significant step towards this government’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions from transport to help tackle climate change”.

Dynamon’s innovative analytics software will be combined with a new service by TotalSim called the Aerodynamic Configurator for Transport to identify the best aerodynamic products and significantly reduce the cost of aerodynamic analysis and design.

Dr Angus Webb, Dynamon’s founder and CEO, explains why it is an important project: “It is currently very difficult for fleets to invest in aerodynamics. They do not know how much fuel they are going to save and therefore do not know the return on investment of an aerodynamics product. As a result, only fleets that can afford expensive analysis services can optimise their vehicles.

“By partnering with TotalSim we are able to create a service that will make it significantly easier and cheaper for fleets to invest in aerodynamics. We believe this will increase investment in aerodynamics, stimulate improved aerodynamic designs, and ultimately help reduce fuel costs and emissions.”

CEO of Southampton Science Park, Peter Birkett, added: “We couldn’t be more thrilled to see Dynamon involved in this prestigious project and associated with such well-established names in logistics. Since recognising the company’s potential and nurturing it through our Catalyst incubation programme, we have seen Dynamon rise from start-up in 2015 to a major player worthy of significant investment in an incredibly short space of time.”

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