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Empowering business decisions

Brytlyt is a young and dynamic company with a clear mission – to empower organisations through transformational data analytics. Founder Richard Heyns believes that delivering ‘Speed of Thought Analytics at Scale’ is at the heart of this ambition.

Brytlyt’s Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) database and analytics platform, with patent pending IP, is transforming the way businesses use data, delivering real-time analytics and insight to enable fast and accurate business decisions. Having created the world's most advanced GPU database and analytics workbench, multibillion row datasets can now be queried in seconds (up to 1,000 times faster than traditional solutions), at a massively reduced cost.

The retail, telecommunications, logistics, finance and health sectors will particularly benefit from this innovation because they all require insight from large volumes of data, but are currently constrained by the slow performance and lack of flexibility in available systems. Brytlyt’s instant analytics facilitate a deeper understanding of an organisation’s customers, leading to improved customer experience and ultimately higher revenues.

Richard Heyns commented: “Brytlyt is currently a small business with a solution to a huge problem. We have a working product and have signed up our first customers. Our challenge now is to persuade large companies that, despite our early stage, we have the technology to totally transform their businesses.

“That’s why we were absolutely thrilled to be selected for Catalyst. Being chosen is a reflection of what we have achieved so far and the guidance from the mentors will be invaluable to guide us and keep us on the path to success. With the mentoring that Catalyst offers, we hope to have polished pitches and business plans so that investors and customers are clear about Brytlyt’s offering and how it an disrupt the analytics market.”

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