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water droplets

Optimising water supplies

Southampton Science Park company Inflowmatix has launched Arboricity, a new platform designed for fast, accurate and scalable hydraulic modelling. It is seen as an important step in addressing challenges across water networks such as detecting leakage and burst pipes as well as interruptions to supply and water quality.

Dr Mike Williams, Inflowmatix CEO, explains: “Ever greater pressure is being placed on the water industry. Regulator Ofwat has been very incisive in its approach to improving the customer experience, not only in terms of reducing leakage by at least 16% by 2025, but additionally demanding resilience of supply whilst reducing customer bills. We support this effort with technologies that are tailored to one end: our role is to help water operators build confidence in their network and enable the industry in meeting its challenging targets, faster and using fewer resources than ever before. Our unique and timely insights into water networks help customers to cope with unexpected network events and plan interventions to minimise impacts to consumers.”

Inflowmatix develops, manufactures, and integrates advanced monitoring technologies with modelling and optimisation methods and applications. This access to data delivers a level of accuracy, quality and frequency that the company’s InflowSense devices alone can produce.

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