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Tackling air pollution

Portsmouth International Port has chosen to work with former Catalyst business programme participant B4T on a project which it hopes will ultimately lead it towards becoming one of the UK’s first zero-emission ports.

B4T has developed and deployed a 'smart box' which uses IoT (Internet of Things) technology to measure air pollutants: nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide, alongside fine particle sensing for PM2.5 and PM10 sized particulate matter. Tailored to the marine environment, shipping information and local weather data is further integrated, to create a comprehensive picture of the environmental impact of port operations.

This insight will inform future port operations and shape its carbon reduction and air quality improvement plans, as Jerry Clarke, Senior Project Manager and Assistant Harbour Master explains: "The port is owned by the people of Portsmouth, so we have a greater duty than any port to control and reduce the impact of port operations on the local environment and our neighbours. This initiative has the potential to provide significant information to the port and will blaze a trail for air quality transparency across the maritime sector. We're delighted to work with B4T on this low cost, long term solution for air quality monitoring at the port."

B4T Managing Director Alex Barter said: “This is why B4T does what it does. With clients who really care about and commit to positive impact on the environment, we are making our mark in our own little way, with IoT technology that we are so passionate about. The immergence of IOT technology has created a storm of assumptions and myths. Our aim is to pull back the curtain and demonstrate the real-world applications and opportunities IOT offers.”

B4T joined Southampton Science Park’s Catalyst business accelerator programme in 2016. The company has fine-tuned its offering as it has grown to support a variety of clients in the fields of smart water metering, legionella risk management, horticulture, utility network monitoring, healthcare and highways.

Jane Holt, Business Development Director for Southampton Science Park, added: “It’s fantastic to see a company that we helped to nurture through our Catalyst programme stay local as it grows and expands its influence across the Solent region and beyond. The work that it is doing for clients will have long term benefits for society across the environmental spectrum and we wish Alex and his team continued success.”

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