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Breaking the mould

Breaking into a new industry, alone, isn’t easy.  When nobody knows who you are, how do you gain influence, recognition and knock out product sales in record time?

A new book by Emma May, Southampton Science Park’s Catalyst programme alumnus, taps into the heart, mind and soul of a fledgling creative start-up to uncover the truths about what drives a product and person into new-found success in a brand new industry.

Emmerse Yourself: How To Go It Alone And Break The Mould promises to:

  • Explore how to go it alone and break the mould in your own way.
  • Dive into working strategies that will help any solo creator become an efficient powerhouse; even when you cannot delegate your to-do list.
  • Develop an understanding of how your emotions affect your progression and how to navigate them.
  • Learn how to recognise constructive criticism and turn negative feedback into a useful resource.
  • Have the tools to discover how you make yourself and your creativity stand out in any crowd.

Emma is the inventor of the award-winning family friendly card game Quirk! selling over 11,000 copies of the game independently before signing a major licencing deal and gaining industry recognition and awards along the way. She joined the Catalyst business accelerator programme at Southampton Science Park in 2019.

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