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Zelemiq Health: Breaking through healthcare technology

Southampton Science Park resident Zelemiq Health is working on a breakthrough wearable sensor technology that is set to transform what we will be able to do with our health trackers and smartwatches in the future. These can be either stand-alone devices or those that integrate with larger systems linked to the cloud for remote monitoring and tele-medicine.

Founder Rod Lane successfully pitched his business to join Southampton Science Park’s Catalyst business accelerator programme in the autumn of 2020. He reflected: “When I was invited to pitch for a place, my knowledge of the reputation of the Catalyst programme made me check just to make sure that mine really was the sort of company they would be interested in! I was assured that it was! The opportunity came at a time when I was considering ways to fund our R&D programme and to find the talent to build our team.”

Zelemiq started out as a product design consultancy, partnering predominantly with SMEs too small to have a dedicated in-house design service, to guide them through product development, regulatory compliance, research clinics, patient testing and manufacturing. With the guidance of the Catalyst programme mentors, Rod is now concentrating on a particular market segment.

He continued: “I expected Catalyst to teach me a lot of things I don’t know, to make me think about a lot of things I otherwise might not have, and to enable me to develop firm relationships for years to come. My journey so far has helped me to focus and has led me to specialise in healthcare technology and human condition monitoring, in particular wearable technology. It’s a hugely exciting prospect.”

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