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Quantum dots

Nanotechnology company Quantum Solutions is developing and manufacturing quantum dots: semiconducting active materials that are used in an astonishing and increasing array of products to enhance colour vibrancy, brightness, contrast and light sensitivity in the dark.

First used by Sony in 2013, the global market for quantum dots has grown to US$3.5bn and it is expected to reach US$10.6bn by 2025. They are used by companies producing LCD, OLED and µLED displays and those developing technologies in facial recognition, autonomous driving, machine vision, virtual reality, augmented reality and night vision.

Founder Osman Bakr explains more, “Quantum dots now have the potential to make or break experiments and applications. We are enabling researchers in academic and commercial environments to enhance user experiences, reduce energy consumption, enhance compatibility and drive down production costs. Quality is critical, which is why our quantum dots are always created inhouse using our proprietary technology.”

Quantum Solutions successfully pitched to join Southampton Science Park’s Catalyst business accelerator programme in the autumn. Company CEO Marat Lutfullin reflected: “We were extremely happy to be chosen for the prestigious Catalyst programme and to set up our UK facility at Southampton Science Park to facilitate our expansion. We are at seed funding stage and we are confident that this move will enhance our expertise and connections to scale our production and undertake Round-A investment.”

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