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View from the UKSPA Autumn Conference

Science Park CEO, Robin Chave, was pleased to attend the UKSPA autumn conference at Coventry University Technology Park last month to engage in topical debate with peers representing science and technology focused environments. Some 120,000 people are employed within 6,000 companies and organisations based at UKSPA member locations. 

A wide-ranging agenda included topics such as: what is needed to supercharge the UK as a global leader in technology and innovation, driving a thriving local innovation ecosystem, how 5G is reimagining spaces, and attracting capital investment to clusters. 

Robin commented, “Two things struck me in particular from the conversations I had. Firstly, it’s clear that there are common challenges across our sector around procuring construction skills in a timely manner to help us create the inspiring environments that are needed to attract and retain talent and secure inward investment. Second, it seems that there are universal difficulties with regard to luring the investment community out of London to see firsthand the innovation sector talent that abounds right across the UK. These barriers to growth are important considerations for both levelling up and sustainability agendas, and they need to be addressed in tandem.  

“Here at Southampton Science Park, we have ambitious plans to ensure that South Coast innovation and entrepreneurialism is fully supported by expanding on our inspiring environments and community building initiatives.” 

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