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Important Changes to Southampton Science Park Transport

Wheelers’ W1 bus service to and from the Science Park will cease on Friday 17th April 2020.

We recognise the role we can play in reducing pollution and congestion across the South’s busy roads, as well as lowering costs and stress for our resident community, and are therefore pleased to announce a number of new initiatives designed to help people rethink their car journeys to the Science Park.

These are:

  • A new contracted bus service which will be operated specifically for the Science Park.
  • A number of new electric vehicle charge points are being installed across the Park.
  • A car sharing scheme enabling pre-booked short-term electric vehicle hire.  

These new facilities will be put into place as soon as current COVID-19 restrictions on contractors entering the Park are lifted by the Government.


This new bus service will cater for a number of links, operating via Portswood, Wessex Lane, Parkway Station, Stoneham Lane, Chestnut Avenue, Asda Roundabout, Bournemouth Road, Birch Road and then to the Science Park.

The service will stop at all bus stops along this route; a coloured X21 square will be applied to these. Bus stops will also be positioned across the Science Park.

Additionally, there will be three lunchtime services to Asda. This bus will continue to Parkway Station for those who work half days.

At Parkway, connections with Xelabus X4 will enable ongoing bus journeys to Hedge End, West End and Mansbridge, while South West Trains offers services to the wider area.

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