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Liberatii: Migrating Databases Without Barriers

Liberatii, a former Catalyst business accelerator company, has moved into offices in Southampton Science Park’s Innovation Centre offices to facilitate its next phase of growth.

Liberatii’s Gateway service gives enterprises the freedom to move from legacy database applications to modern cloud services very rapidly and without risk, as co-founder, Dr Hamid Khoshbakht, explains.

“Typical application code rewriting projects for cloud take years and cost organisations millions, with no guarantee of success. Our solution - Liberatii™ Gateway - reduces migration time to just a few weeks, saving up to 90% of database license costs while minimising the migration risks. Liberatii Gateway is, in fact, a real-time language translator for database applications. It acts as an abstraction and virtualization layer between the application and the new database, translating SQL and converting data in real time.” 

Hamid continued: “On completion of the Catalyst programme, we continued residency in the incubation space with other start-ups. We now feel that the time is right to take our own office space in readiness for next-stage growth, and are delighted that we can continue our journey here at Southampton Science Park. It’s unusual to find an environment that is set up to help young science and technology companies in this way.”

The Science Park’s Business Development Director, Jane Holt, commented: “Since coming to the Science Park in the autumn of 2019, Liberatii has shown significant commercial potential. It was shortlisted for a Tech Start-Up award soon after joining the Catalyst programme and has since grown in confidence and reputation. It is a great pleasure to see Hamid and his team taking the significant step of moving from a shared business environment into their own private office space and we wish them well.”

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