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Representing the innovation sector

Dr Robin Chave represented Southampton Science Park at the UK Science Park Association (UKSPA)’s spring conference in Leeds in March. Here, delegates debated current national and regional trends for the science and innovation sector, sustainability, business growth and innovation support, collaborative environments and opportunities, fostering economic growth and social progress.

UKSPA members encompass 130 locations covering around 45 million square feet of office, and research and development space - home to over 6,000 businesses and 4,000 remote staff. These companies are working at the cutting edge of science and technology, many of whom represent the future growth and prosperity of the UK economy. Indeed, Chancellor Rishi Sunak put forward a budget in March which “put science, innovation and technology at the heart of the UK’s investment strategy”.

UKSPA noted: “At no time in recent history has there ever been a greater need to support the locations that deliver facilities for scientific discovery and to sustain the, sometimes fragile, early stage, knowledge intensive businesses that are crucial to our economy. UKSPA members, like Southampton Science Park, have a very close relationship with these businesses and are intimately aware of the challenges they face.”

Dr Chave commented: “Since attending the UKSPA conference, much has changed as a result of the COVID19 pandemic. More than ever, the support programmes, networks and inspiring communities that science parks such as ours offer cannot be underestimated: ours is an environment that has been designed and managed specifically to identify opportunities, nurture growth and boost the potential of all our resident businesses.”

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