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Self care in lockdown

Ian Traynar - osteopath, podcaster, wild swimmer, and grandad to seven! – conducted a three-part virtual webinar series last week, focusing on how to boost personal resilience in times of stress.

Highly practical, interactive and engaging, Ian addressed the key factors in keeping our immune system in optimal condition, exploring why this is so important as the first line of defence against any viral disease process. Ian’s holistic approach encompasses sleep, stress management, nutrition and gut health strategies to boost physical resilience and mental wellbeing.  

Jane Holt, Business Development Director for Southampton Science Park, said: “We had fantastic attendance for these sessions which helped us to understand how our bodies respond to stressful situations and how we can take steps to manage these, and even short exercises that we can all do to immediate self-regulate when needed. This was particularly pertinent during Mental Health Awareness Week.

“Thank you to everyone who was able to down tools for thirty minutes to engage with the process and participate with enthusiasm. Working through Ian’s challenges and short exercises during the week, I know I certainly picked up a lot of helpful ideas and saw some immediate results!”

Host Ian Traynar added: “While we covered a lot of ground, the key take-out is to improve your relationship with your body – it really is the key to everything!

“I was delighted with the level of engagement in our whistlestop programme last week.

The live feedback that we had throughout the sessions not only demonstrated the widespread needs that businesspeople at all levels have right now, but also the positive community spirit that exists at the Science Park. I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and hope that all those that participated did too.”

Ian’s podcast, Body Matters, is now available for ongoing support.

The next Science Park Lunch & Learn Webinar will be announced shortly.

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