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Curve Therapeutics Selects Southampton Science Park

Pioneering life science company, Curve Therapeutics, has signed a major lease with Southampton Science Park in a move that could attract significant investment and talent to Southampton.

The company will be taking a whole wing (approximately 7,500 sq. ft) of two-storey property Delta House which is situated in the heart of the Science Park in Chilworth. The property is undergoing a bespoke fit-out to accommodate exact laboratory and office space requirements, in readiness for team relocation at the end of this year.

Curve Therapeutics is a spin-out from the University of Southampton, originating from world-leading research conducted by Professor Ali Tavassoli and his group at the University’s Department of Chemistry. Its revolutionary drug discovery platform enables the discovery of a new generation of cancer therapeutics that evade convention methods.

The company was established in 2019 by founding investor Advent Life Sciences and subsequently joined by co-lead Epidarex Capital. Curve signed a $1.7bn collaboration with leading US pharmaceutical company Merck, Sharp and Dohme earlier this year.

Curve Therapeutics’ Chief Executive Officer, Simon Kerry, is an experienced entrepreneur with a long track-record of leadership in the life-science sector. Commenting on the reasons for the move, he said: “We currently employ a team of 14 within University laboratories but are looking to grow this significantly over the next two to three years. To accommodate this growth, we are moving to Southampton Science Park, which has a long history of hosting pharmaceutical and life science research. Curve intends to be part of that story by building a significant life science research presence there.

“Before choosing Southampton, we considered a number of options to relocate the company and grow the team. The Science Park’s proximity to both Oxford and London was important to us, and we believe that it is a location that will attract the best scientific talent to help grow our business.”

Robin Chave, Southampton Science Park Chief Executive Officer, said: “We are delighted to welcome Curve Therapeutics’ growing team to Southampton Science Park and look forward to supporting the growth of this early-stage business, which is already attracting significant attention for its game-changing approach to drug discovery.

Southampton Science Park is quite unique in its ability to facilitate bespoke fitouts for specific commercial needs, while offering excellent connectivity across the UK and beyond, and providing all the things that make working life attractive for current and prospective employees like coffee shops, social activities, childcare and a wealth of healthy outdoor space.”

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