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Driving Change

Southampton Science Park is pleased to be hosting a Sustainable Transport Day, co-located with Southampton City Council’s Workplace Travel Network meeting on Wednesday 16th March 2022.

This event will bring together representatives from our local authority, transport providers and support services, and our resident community to discuss and promote greener, healthier and cheaper ways to get to and from work and travel around our city.

Southampton aims to be a leader in the green economy, as set down in its Green City Charter. By 2040, the city will be transformed through bold and ambitious plans to secure a successful future for the city. This will change how the city looks and feels, making Southampton a modern and sustainable place to live, work and visit, and improving the quality of life of all residents. Part of this vision will be achieved through investing in more innovative and more sustainable transport.

Sustainable transport is any form of getting around that supports the UK’s transition to a low carbon economy through the use of renewable or regenerated energy. Walking, cycling and public transport are all excellent examples of sustainable transport. These journeys have a positive impact on tackling air pollution and congestion across our area, while boosting our individual wellbeing, fitness and wallets.

Robin Chave, Science Park CEO, said: “Southampton Science Park is fully supportive of the city council’s plan for improving sustainable travel and we are delighted to host the travel network meeting here, at the heart of our future-focused business community, to help drive the necessary transitions to make this vision a reality.”  

All Science Park residents are invited to engage with this event, which takes place in and around Axis Conference Centre in Venture Road. 

Find out more here

My Journey provides a wide range of useful travel information and seeks to help Hampshire residents get around easily and more sustainably.

Connected Southampton 2040 outlines some of the big ideas for improving transport in Southampton and details plans and progress.

Book your electric car experience for on the day with Octopus here.

“It’s an exciting time to be living and working in Southampton. We are planning for clean, green and sustainable growth that puts people first.” 

Southampton City Council

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