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Performance Through Empowerment

In the second of Alison Craig’s inspiring, yet practical, workshops on leadership for Southampton Science Park, attendees took a deep dive into coaching and how it can be used to develop high performance individuals and teams.

“Coaching at its best is hugely beneficial to individuals, managers and their organisations. More often than not, coaching has proven to be the turnkey for unlocking performance and really getting people to take ownership” says Alison.

“This is for a number of reasons, but principally, coaching develops people to achieve their full potential. Second, it enables them to continuously improve, and third, it gives individuals responsibility to come up with their own solutions.”

She went on to explain the role that a coach is able to play in reframing the dynamics of a problem scenario into situations that constructively empower people to achieve positive outcomes.

After Alison described the coaching model GROW (Goal – Reality – Options – Will), attendees had a valuable opportunity to hone their skills with her motivating and actionable guidance.

Alison’s leadership series culminates on Thursday 22nd September when she will be covering Leading and Managing Change.

Registration for this free event is now open.

You do not need to be a Science Park resident company to attend Southampton Science Park Lunch & Learn sessions. What better way to spend your lunch break than being inspired by some new ideas?

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