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Upgrade Signals Growth

AccelerComm has underlined its impressive growth to date and signalled what the future holds by doubling its presence at Southampton Science Park. The company has upgraded several times across the Park to accommodate a growing team and has now taken residency of 6,600 sq ft over two floors of the Park’s newest multi-occupancy property, Benham 5. 

Since joining the Science Park as a spin-out from the University of Southampton in 2016, the leading light in 5G technology has come a long way in a short time, nearly doubling bookings growth, around 50 patents approved, and a growing reputation as one of the most highly regarded deep-tech companies in the UK. It has twice appeared in the EE Times Silicon 100 and, earlier this year, was announced winner of the Best Digital Tech Breakthrough Award for Companies with Under $10 Million Annual Global Revenue at the sought-after 2022 Global Mobile (GLOMO) Awards. 

AccelerComm’s current team of 60 is expected to become 70-80 by the end of 2022 and is attracting talent both nationally and internationally. Having an exceptional base that helps glue this fast-growing team together was the principle reason for the move, as HR Manager, Alexandra Buck, explains.

“We have a strong belief that we can solve problems faster when we work together. It’s well known that serendipitous encounters with colleagues are beneficial to all companies, but, for a company like ours that is developing its team and culture fast, these are critical. So, it is vital for us to create an environment that people want to come to and enjoy being at, to build these vital human connections. This is what we have now, here at Southampton Science Park, so we are equipped for exciting times ahead!” she said. 

CEO of Southampton Science Park, Robin Chave, commented: “It has been a great pleasure to see AccelerComm commercialise its exceptional research over the last six years, achieving what it set out to do, and more. We are proud to have been part of their growth journey to date and are delighted to continue to provide a working environment that has proven to help them attract and retain valuable team members, strategic partners and customers.”   

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