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Non-Executive Director (NED) Role

The University of Southampton Science Park Ltd (USSP) is looking for an experienced independent non-executive director (NED) to join its board and help develop the company's strategy and guide its growth in the coming years. 

USSP is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the University of Southampton, operating at arm’s length from the University. The company, which is run on a fully commercial basis, manages and develops the Science Park in line with the knowledge exchange and enterprise strategy of the University. 


Purpose of the NED role 

To work with the Board of Directors and executive team to set the strategic direction of the University of Southampton Science Park Ltd. 

To act as a director of the company, to ensure appropriate standards of corporate governance and to contribute to the development of the company as required. 

To advise on aspects of the company strategy and provide advice for the Chief Executive Officer and senior management related to commercial property, entrepreneurship, and facilitating the growth of science and technology businesses. 


Responsibilities of a NED 

To carry out the duties of a director as laid down in the Companies Act. 

To provide a creative contribution to board meetings, providing independent oversight and constructive challenge. 

To support and challenge where appropriate, the Chairman, CEO and other Directors to ensure that the Board of Directors conforms to the highest standards of corporate governance and makes appropriate decisions. 

To provide oversight and guidance on the effective use and management of resources (financial, personnel and physical assets). 

To use local knowledge, experience and relationships, to support strategy development and business growth. 

To use relevant market expertise and experience to guide and support the senior leadership team in the delivery of company objectives. 

To promote the interests and uphold the values of the company. 

To be an ambassador for the Science Park and assist the Science Park in its strategic goals.


Requirements from a NED 

Having an understanding of the duties and responsibilities of a director, and not to be disqualified from acting in such a capacity. 

Experience at a senior management level in a related or relevant organisation. 

Local knowledge, experience and relationships with relevant stakeholders and partners is highly desirable, to support strategy development and business growth. 

Specific knowledge or experience in one of the following areas would be highly desirable: commercial property development; start-up businesses; finances (in a large project or local government context) 

Knowledge or experience of regulatory compliance or audit (e.g. finance, health and safety, environmental) at a strategic level would also be beneficial. 

Strong interpersonal skills with personal stature and integrity and a proactive approach to collaboration, communications and innovation. 



Directors will normally be appointed for a three-year term and will be subject to review. Formal terms will be set out in the letter of appointment. 

The NED role is unpaid, but NED Directors will be entitled to claim expenses associated with attendance at board meetings. 

The expected time commitment will be around 2 to 3 days each quarter.


Please apply, via email to, by 24th February 2023 with a letter to the board setting out your experience and the benefits that you will bring to the board as an independent NED. 

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