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Here at the Southampton Science Park innovation is happening every day. Below is a selection of news stories hot off the press from the businesses on the park and the people who make it happen.

6 May 2020
Amplifying the future of sound

Audioscenic has been featured on BBC4 demonstrating its 3D immersive sound.

3 May 2020
Fighting the virus with Lifelight

Several Science Park companies are actively innovating to help fight ‘the invisible killer’, COVID-19, and its potential long-term impacts. Here is just one.

1 May 2020
Fighting the virus with chatbots

Several Science Park companies are actively innovating to help fight ‘the invisible killer’, COVID-19, and its potential long-term impacts. Here is just one.

29 April 2020
Fighting the virus with communication

Several Science Park companies are actively innovating to help fight ‘the invisible killer’, COVID-19, and its potential long-term impacts. Here is just one.

27 April 2020
Cashflow in a time of crisis

Accountants BDO have pulled together some practical guidance for us to share with you.

24 April 2020
Advancing cyber security

Nquiringminds has been selected for the Tech Nation Cyber Programme 2.0

21 April 2020
Honoured by the Queen

Tonic Analytics has been honoured with an esteemed Queen’s Award for Enterprise

20 April 2020
Picturing wellbeing

The winner of Southampton Science Park’s Spring Photography Competition is revealed.

17 April 2020
Riding the craft wave

Made & Worn has entered into a strategic partnership to expand distribution.

16 April 2020
Supporting regional success

Southampton Science Park is pleased to support the Test Valley Business Awards and the South Coast Tech Awards 2020.

1 April 2020
Important Changes to Southampton Science Park Transport

We recognise the role we can play in reducing pollution and congestion across the South’s busy roads, as well as lowering costs and stress for our resident community, and are therefore pleased to announce a number of new initiatives designed to help people rethink their car journeys to the Science Park.

31 March 2020
Representing the innovation sector

Southampton Science Park joined members of the UK Science Park Association for its spring conference.

24 March 2020
Working from home

Offices across Southampton Science Park may be closed, but we’re all still open for business.

11 March 2020
Spring photography competition

This spring, give it your best shot!

1 February 2020
Announcing a new Chairman

Professor Mark Spearing has been appointed Chairman of the University of Southampton Science Park Board.

1 February 2020
Welcoming new residents

Zenergi and Pplus Products have joined the Southampton Science Park community.

30 January 2020
Pushing musculoskeletal boundaries

FortisNet welcomes inspirational keynote speaker Alex Lewis to its 5th annual meeting at Southampton Science Park

29 January 2020
Transforming orthopaedic surgery

Renovos’s pioneering regenerative medicine solutions receive boost with an investment first.

3 January 2020
Improving medical devices

Critical Software has launched Medical Devices Services to drive standards in the reliability and safety of medical devices.

19 December 2019
Improving crop management

MicroGEM has achieved a technical breakthrough in the ability to conduct genomic analysis in the field.

16 December 2019
Empowering mobile workforces

Mobile solutions company Nine23 has launched FLEXContainer to empower mobile employees in enterprise settings.

12 December 2019
Rethinking commuting

New partnerships set to boost sustainable travel for company employees.

5 December 2019
Award wins

IT Dev and Tonic Analytics named as South Coast Tech Awards winners

3 December 2019
Opening up banking

Lloyds Bank launches Catalyst company Signly‘s solution for deaf customers

1 November 2019
Achieving recognition

Eight companies associated with Southampton Science Park have been announced as finalists at the inaugural South Coast Tech Awards.

14 October 2019
Revealing Catalyst newcomers

Southampton Science Park welcomed nine new companies to its highly sought- after Catalyst business accelerator programme this Autumn.

1 October 2019
Introducing our new CEO

The University of Southampton Science Park has announced the appointment of Dr Robin Chave as its new Chief Executive Officer.

24 September 2019
Interrogating artificial intelligence

A wide range of business sectors gathered for AI in Action, the Science Park’s inaugural Future Series conference.

17 September 2019
Honouring Science Park businesses

The 2019 Test Valley Business Award Winners have been announced

9 September 2019
Fast tracking growth

Entrepreneurs from across the region pitched for a place on the Science Park’s sought after Catalyst business accelerator.

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