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Here at the Southampton Science Park innovation is happening every day. Below is a selection of news stories hot off the press from the businesses on the park and the people who make it happen.

8 September 2020
Unveiling Catalyst 2020 line-up

The 2020 cohort has been revealed for Southampton Science Park’s prestigious Catalyst business accelerator programme.

29 July 2020
Commercialising great ideas

Innovators from across the region are one step closer to a place on Southampton Science Park’s prestigious Catalyst business accelerator.

11 June 2020
Supporting early stage companies

Applications are now open for Catalyst 2020: Southampton Science Park’s business accelerator programme.

15 August 2019
Your start-up, moving up

Apply now for a fully funded short programme at Catalyst: the South of England’s most successful accelerator for early stage businesses.

16 July 2019
Showcasing new businesses

Promising tech start-ups completed their Catalyst business accelerator programme with an investor and mentor showcase event at Southampton Science Park.

25 June 2019
Empowering business decisions

A small business with a solution to a huge problem, Brytlyt is thrilled to have joined Southampton Science Park’s Catalyst business accelerator.

17 June 2019
Reimagining mobile security

Southampton Science Park has welcomed Quadible to its Catalyst business accelerator programme.

14 June 2019
Embracing outdoor life

Introducing Wilderness Now: a high-potential start-up that recently joined the Science Park’s Catalyst business accelerator programme.

13 June 2019
Fostering hope

Fostering Guide is working to give every child somewhere to call home, with the help of Catalyst, Southampton Science Park’s business accelerator.

11 June 2019
Overhauling road haulage

Truckstars has joined the Science Park’s spring Catalyst business accelerator programme in a bid to keep Britain moving.

10 June 2019
Innovating cancer diagnostics

Introducing new life science company CanSense, selected to join the Science Park’s spring Catalyst business accelerator programme.

10 June 2019
Riding the waves

Forty1 Kitesurfing is an exciting start-up that has joined the Science Park’s spring Catalyst business accelerator programme.

28 May 2019
Embarking on Entrepreneurship

The Catalyst business accelerator has welcomed ten high-potential start-up companies.

22 April 2019
Innovating for success

C2 Visions, Optomel, Signly and YouSeq have all completed Catalyst, the Science Park’s business accelerator programme.

28 March 2019
Pitching to succeed

The Catalyst business accelerator received a record number of applications. 50 entrepreneurs were successful in being asked to pitch.

26 March 2019
Inspiring Future Entrepreneurs

University of Southampton undergraduates participated in the Catalyst Challenge, a unique opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skills

11 February 2019
Calling entrepreneurs!

Apply now for a fully funded short programme at Catalyst: the South of England’s most successful accelerator for early stage businesses.

19 November 2018
Revealing fuel savings

Dynamon has revealed eye-opening fuel saving potential to retail giant Asda in track tests using its unique analytics software

19 November 2018
Blazing a trail

Southampton Science Park has revealed the four companies that were successful in gaining entry to its prestigious Catalyst incubation programme.

28 June 2018
Using AI for health

Prime Minister Theresa May has applauded the innovative work of xim as she puts the onus on technology to help government solve NHS problems.

12 February 2018
Improving lives for amputees

Two former Catalyst tenants have joined a major research project which aims to improve access to artificial limbs in lower and middle income countries.

1 November 2017
Reducing gas leakage

Utonomy has secured £500k investment for its Active Grid Management technology, designed to reduce leakage in gas distribution networks.

1 July 2017
Improving water networks

i2O Water is partnering with GDH Water in China to take its technology to the wider Chinese market.

21 June 2017
Optimising fleet aerodynamics

Dynamon is working on a government-backed research project to optimise aerodynamics and ultimately minimise fuel cost and emissions.

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